Tom Kilcoyne



Home town:

Sheffield, UK.

Riding Since:

Started riding in 2008, where I bought a 26” trials bike off ebay! It was heap of junk really, with a lot parts needing replacing. I was inspired by Martyn Ashton’s more street style of trials riding, and started riding my local park where I got more influenced by bmx style.

Riding Type:

Street and streety parks, love flat banks and a good hip! Little jibby tech things are always fun too, every now and then I enjoy riding something that scares me too!

Love/Hate Trick:

Barspins for sure! I sling them the wrong way naturally, and just never got around to learning them growing up. It now seems everyone can do them! I love the look of them when done right, I just can’t get over the mental block with them! They definitely get over done though, so maybe I’m best off leaving it haha.


My buddy Matt Jamieson was an influence for sure, first dude I met living in Sheffield riding 26” and riding street. My friends that I ride with at home, all have pretty similar style and progression is fun. Simone Barraco is on fire right now, so many cool little jib tricks and an insane style, also the Marie Jade crew are sick, filming wise and riding.

Other Interests:

Filming and photography. In my final year studying for a masters in Civil & Structural Engineering. Surf, music, ale and football.


Adrian for hooking me up with this opportunity, Marius and Aidan Horn at Beddo for being the raddest of guys, Matt J, all the onboard crew and everyone I ride with.