Greg Parry


Home town:

Harthill, Cheshire

Riding Since:

I bought a trials bike in 2005 because it was cool, bought a Jumpbike in 2006 and actually started progressing in 2007.

Riding Type:

I primarily ride park and dirt but I enjoy a street nibble every now and again, also been playing on big bikes recently which is definitely something I’ll be doing more of.

Love/Hate Trick:

Tailwhips, I’d love to get them dialled, they hate me with a passion!


Everyone I ride with, I can’t really narrow it down further than that!

Other Interests:

Cars, throw a lot of effort in keeping the E30 on the road and looking presentable, hopefully commit to a few drift days next year! I also wakeboard through the summer when I can.


Too many to mention, riding wise I’d like to thank Adrian at Clique for the opportunity, Aidan Horn for pushing me every session, Martin Roberts for both believing in me and bullying me into stuff I wouldn’t usually try, Martin Brown for the constant sessions and chill times, all the Family at Hales Board and Bike Park!
Outside riding, all my family and friends and a big shout for the other half Emily for supporting me throughout!